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light installation

Taken from the YI Jing, the only thing that will never change is that everything changes all the time, Octo symbolizes a world in full mutation. Invited to contemplate the work for a few minutes, the spectator is immersed in an atmosphere straight out of a science fiction novel.


The octagonal object, as if planted in the ground, consists of a black and reflective surface, on which are arranged in a circle a set of lamps. Tone on tone, closed on themselves, they light up in a hypnotic loop. Like a superior element, a laser with the fineness of its lines breaks the roundness of the lamps and upsets this world in evolution.


The programming, where curves meet lines, light meets reflections, immerses the spectator in a story of a turbulent but hopeful period, which tells of a space in full metamorphosis. Created specifically, the hypnotic music of Cédric Béron participates entirely in this work that frees our imaginations.


Octo. - light installation 

(Genève, CH)

2021: Octo. - light installation 

(St Gervais les bains, FR)

2021: Octo. - light installation 

(Lyon Fête des Lumières, FR)

2021: Octo. - light installation 

(Vilnius Light Festival, LT)

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