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Light Installation

небе consists of 40 red lasers spread over 2 rows, forming 2 symmetrical waves crossing in the center, while rising towards the sky. The resulting design is a spectacular and monumental whole built with the help of light beams.

At first view, the spectator may be destabilized by what he sees. The power and depth of red create emotion. From a distance, the form seems solid, but on closer inspection, it shimmers and comes to life in a soft, immersive sound atmosphere. Smoke swirls through the beams and produces the effect of a moire pattern. The audience moves forward cautiously, as if they are certain to cross a physical barrier. However, they can move freely around the nave, through the beams and become part of the work, while understanding the visual material in which they are immersed.

Resulting from a research work during the creation of Pulse for the festival of lights of Lyon, I discovered and used red lasers. Their power and their color generated in me a strong emotion. I wanted to follow up this discovery and offer it in a new creation.

This piece is made to be presented in churches. 

The strong link between light and architecture with a religious character adds a dramatic effect and lets us glimpse spiritual notions.

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