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Beacon Of Hope

light installation

What do Jyväskylä in Finland, Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Lyon have in common? Light, that goes without saying, but also co-creation, cooperation and sustainability. These three cities that all host light festivals have decided to join forces on a collaborative, multidisciplinary - and European - light project. The first initiative of its kind, Beacon is the brainchild of British artist Craig Morrison. The idea is to collectively build an installation during stopovers in each of the three cities. Each time, a unique part of the overall piece is created in harmony with the specific environment and local community. A member of the Lyon artistic team, Émilien Guesnard, oversaw the team that designed the structure of the Dome and the housing and illumination for the Beacon, and anything else that caught their fancy! Are you wondering what the result looks like? Well, you can find out in the gardens of the Institut Lumière.

On the occasion of this new fete des lumières,I had the pleasure to be associated artist for the work Beacon of hope.

With this work I had the chance to animate workshops around light.
During these workshops I worked with 16 year old migrants.

They honored me by sharing their stories, all difficult but always filled with hope.

It is by starting from these testimonies that we built the light of the work.
Thus, through the light, you were able to feel the emotions of young people with strong backgrounds strewn with fear, joy, sadness and hope.

Watch the video news here

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